Gas Station Construction & Design 101

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Gas Stations require  very in-depth strategic planning during design phase to capitalize and achieve a profitable return on investment. Below are few critical steps in achieving efficiency in your land usage when designing & building your gas station.

1. Check local & state municipal restrictions: Most cities has a prohibition of alcohol sales 300 feet within public or private schools, public hospitals, day-care facilities. Click here to see TABC regulations for more in-depth understanding of these restrictions. This should be the first step of inquiry before purchasing land for gas station development. 

2.Get a Feasibility Study Done: A feasibility study is a three year store sales and fuel projections based on detailed specific data. It is a vital analysis for bank loan process and will provide you with a financial picture of your store. A schematic design must be done for analysis.

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Bruce Hurta has extensive experience in Small Business Lending. He has served in a number of commercial lending and banking capacities in his career including, President of a Houston-area community bank for 6 years, managed Independence Funding Company, a non-bank start-up in 1994, where he developed his SBA lending expertise. Bruce spent 4 years in Finance as a bank examiner for the Texas Banking Department, 7 years in executive management at two community banks, and 14 years as SBA Lender. He is active in the commercial realtor and business brokerage communities, along with various business and industry organizations. Bruce Hurta is Vice President - Business Development in Houston, TX for Fidelity Bank SBA Lending nationwide. Fidelity Bank offers SBA 7(a) loans, SBA 504 loans, and USDA loans for small businesses to purchase or construct new buildings for their small business operations, to acquire a business, to expand a business or to buy out a business partner.
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